The 2018 Ford Fusion Is Looking Sharp

If you are on the lookout for a new sedan that can take you far, and you want it to be a luxury model, then look no further because the new 2018 Ford Fusion is here at York Ford Inc. There are twelve model variations of this savvy sedan and each one is packed with all of the essentials you'll ever need in car.

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If Your Car Doesn't Have Good Headlights, What Should You Do?

There are tons of vehicles made in the United States every year that have faulty headlights. They might work, flash from bright to dim, and otherwise seem normal. However, their brightness is quite low, they do not yield high visibility in drivers, and are overall manufactured from low-quality components.

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How And When: Vehicular Fluid Changing Edition

Just like humans, vehicles need a mixture of various fluids to work as planned. Without this mixture, permanent damage could occur. Don't make a mistake; follow these simple rules.

Motor oil is changed at each 3,000- to 5,000-mile interval. If it stinks like it's burned, trash it and get some new motor oil. You can check motor oil levels by using the dipstick found in your vehicle, directly adjacent to the engine.

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Trust Your Ford Service to the Professionals

When it comes to getting your vehicle serviced, it is always best to go to a dealership. At a dealership like York Ford Inc, you will have access to the correct OEM parts as well as great service. Who knows what you'll get at a private mechanic, besides generic parts and service that falls outside of the mechanic’s area of specialty?

Bring your vehicle in to see us at York Ford Inc to get it back in tip-top shape, and you will be glad that you did. Not only do we have the necessary parts and tools at…

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Saving the Life of Your Tires With Rotation

Regular maintenance needs to be done on your entire vehicle. Tires get wear and tear just like every part of your Ford car, truck or SUV. Rotating your tires is very important to the life of your car and could even save your life! The most important reason to rotate your tires is to prolong their use.

Regular tire rotation appointments help the tires wear evenly as you drive throughout the seasons. If tires don't wear evenly, it could cause them to lose traction and fail, leading to an unexpected accident.

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The Biggest and Best Truck for You

Drivers that like to keep up with the biggest and best auto trends in Saugus, MA need not look any further. Here at York Ford Inc, we believe that you deserve a truck that has the best bells and whistles for the least amount of money. You need a truck that keeps up with the trends as well as keeps up with your busy life. You need a 2017 Ford F-150 today!

The Ford F-150 has many different accessories to choose from, like the incredible cab space, shiny trims, bed length and so much more. You can customize the Ford…

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Schedule a routine oil change for your vehicle today

There are many variables involved in keeping your vehicle's engine running at its peak performance level, and one of the most important is getting routine oil changes. Your vehicle's engine will be ruined if you don't get regular oil changes. A car simply can't run without oil, and here at York Ford we will use quality oil and take great care of your vehicle.

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Oil changes are inexpensive and include changing the oil filter, draining the oil and replacing the oil. Regular oil changes are im
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Cruise into the fall season with a well-maintained vehicle

We're beginning the transition into fall here at York Ford and one way to kick off the season is by scheduling a service appointment for your vehicle. Servicing your vehicle prepares it for chillier temps, rougher road conditions and also allows you to drive more confidently in a well-maintained vehicle.


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We'll happily tackle any and all of your vehicle's needs. Whether it's routine maintenance or something a bit more drastic,

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Ford Has an Incredible Crossover in the 2017 Explorer

Has your new-car search ultimately led you to the full-size SUV segment? Well, if so, we here at York Ford Inc. believe you might like to have a good, long look at ours, the 2017 Explorer.

Why's that?

That answer, conveniently enough, can be found in the clip below. Pair up with our pals over at MotorWeek to discover that which this crossover has in store:

When it comes to the Explorer's 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 engine, "high-octane performance" is the name of the game.

Standard on the Sport and Platinum models, the turbo-V6 makes a massive 365…

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